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Estd. 2020

Fine Jewelry based in

Mexico, New York City & Miami; 

Crafted with high quality metals, precious gemstones & GIA Certified Diamonds. 

Founded by Veronica Kelleher, third-generation jeweler in the diamond industry.

Studied at the Gemological Institute Of America - the highest recognized laboratory for grading diamonds in NYC’s 47st. Diamond District - home of the most trusted jewelers & diamond dealers.


“Since a young age I've been related to the jewelry industry; I believe knowledge is gained by experience &  learning from experts who have been involved in the industry through decades."

I believe fine jewelry it's a beautiful way to express your authentic self  &  is also a good investment because it’s made from high quality materials & precious gemstones. 

 With the proper care, jewelry can last a lifetime & could be worn everyday for years without reducing its value &  still pass it on to our loved ones and  future generations."

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