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Custom-made jewelry designs portfolio


The Four-leaf Clover
Pendant Necklace

Custom-made Four-leaf Clover Pendant, a meaningful design crafted in 14k white gold, with multi-shape emeralds and diamonds.

Symbolizing  positivity, good fortune & the belief in unexpected blessings.

The clover's leafs are made of pear-cut emeralds, baguette-cuts, round brilliants & pear-cut diamonds, with a total weight of 1.00 ct. showcasing a captivating detailed vibrant piece.

Each of the clover's leaf represents faith, hope, love & luck.

 With its detailed craftsmanship & symbolic meaning of luck and fortune, this custom pendant is one-of-a-kind piece with a unique story behind.

IMG_2698 3_edited.jpg
Gold Tag Pendant Men Jewelry Vikay Jewels

Custom-made Veni Vidi Vici - Elongated Gold Tag Pendant crafted in 14k yellow .

 This custom piece showcases a sleek and sophisticated design measuring 28mm x 14mm.


With the addition of Roman numerals XIV.III.VIII, representing a significant date,  alongside, the initials CFL adding a personal touch that makes this piece even more unique & meaningful.

veni vidi vici -
elongated gold tag 


The multi-shaped
Diamond, emerald & sapphire

Behind these mixed-cut diamond & colored stones designs, there is more meaning than just an eternity ring and a diamond necklace.

This fine jewelry pieces were designed  by 9 girls who wanted to express their friendship to a lovely bride.

The 9 girls represent each unique multi-shaped diamond, and the centered sapphire representing the bride; a very unique way to express their authentic friendship.

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